******************* LATEST NEWS *********************


In the last week of October we’re changing our FoodBag delivery service over to the Ooooby software platform. Currently our webstore is powered by Buckybox, so instead we’ll be using Ooooby for this, and adopting their branding, packing and delivery systems.

What this means for our current customers is the same local organic goodness from the same awesome local growers, but orders will be placed using a much nicer website, and you’ll have the option of home delivery!

All deliveries will come in a box with the Ooooby brand on it, but will also contain a little leaflet each week with a list of what’s in the box, where it came from and who grew it!

Ooooby is operating in several different locations around NZ already, and currently offers all organic boxes as well as boxes mixed with produce from non-organic sources.

Produce in the Ooooby Christchurch boxes will remain 100% organic only, our commitment to local growers will continue, and full ownership of the operation will stay with Garden City 2.0 (Ltd).

Because we are a social enterprise, all financial gains will be reinvested into our mission: developing local food resilience.

We are currently exploring options for formalising the social enterprise aspect of our project, so to be completely transparent and accountable about how we work – for example, amending our constitution to reflect our ‘for common profit’ values and objectives relating to organic local food system resilience.

We’d love to hear from you if you have any further questions about the upcoming changes. If you’d like to register your interest in receiving a box, or are a previous customer and want to update your contact and delivery details with us – you can do this by following this link!


Tracy bernoWe are excited to tell you that one of our awesome customers, Tracy, will be providing us with recipes using the different produce in the FoodBags! Click on the image to read more about Tracy and keep an eye on this page for more recipes!


Garden City 2.0 is committed to growing a more resilient local food system.

We contribute to the viability of small-scale organic farming in Canterbury by providing consistent markets for distributing their produce. This in turn leads to important gains in the health of our soils, bee populations and the wider quality of our ecosystem. It also increases the availability of these high quality foods that are otherwise only found at specialist stores and weekend farmers markets.

As a social enterprise, we’re not driven by profit, so our prices are good and getting better as confidence grows amongst local food producers. Altogether, this helps to create a more viable local economic environment and a livelihood for those producing organic foods – meaning they can sustain what they do best: growing healthy food for you!

Our FoodBag delivery service and the Fresh Produce Market sources food directly from small farms, urban food producers in Christchurch, and occassionally from  different parts of the country when the seasons demand! Since we started in 2013, we’ve delivered over 5000 bags and now have 17 pickup points around the city.

Our FoodBag is run as a business so that along with the benefits above, we can also afford to invest our time into community and local food projects. There’s a lot of really good energy emerging in this space!

We are open to collaboration, cooperation, new ideas and conversation. Please feel free to get in touch with us!